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  • Are you insured?
    Yes! All of our bounce houses are fully-insured and state inspected.
  • What is the duration of the rental?
    Each bounce house rental is a 4-hour period. The bounce house will be dropped of 1-2 hours prior to your event, and this time frame does not count towards your rental period. You could end up having the unit for about 6 hours.
  • Are balloon garlands included?
    No. We offer balloon garlands as an added service to your bounce house rental if requested.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    No cancellations or refunds will be issued except in the case of inclement weather. Please contact us regarding any emergencies that may arise. Absolutely no refunds will be issued on balloons, as they will be purchased and created in advance. We will set up balloons inside of your event space/home if weather prevents them from being outside. We appreciate your understanding on this.
  • What is your inclement weather policy?
    We will give you the choice on the day of or day before your event for either a full refund, or you may reschedule your rental within 30 days. Inclement Weather: High winds, rain, and freezing temperatures.
  • Does the price include setup and delivery?
    Yes, unless you are outside our service area.
  • Do you have a travel fee?
    Yes. Our service areas include Palo Pinto and Parker County. Our travel fees outside of these counties start at $25 If you add on a balloon service an additional $25 travel fee will be added for our balloon team.
  • What type of payments do you accept?
    All major credit cards. No cash or checks will be accepted. Please fill free to tip in cash.
  • Should I tip the delivery person?
    Our delivery/set up techs and balloon girls would be thrilled to receive a tip, but it is in no way required.
  • How often are the units cleaned?
    The bounce houses are cleaned after every use.
  • Can adults jump in the bounce houses?
    Yes! We encourage everyone to have fun, however please do not mix ages while in the inflatable.
  • Do I need to remove balloons from the bounce house before you pickup?
    No, we will clean the unit for you.
  • What surface do you need to set up on?
    Any flat ground. Make sure your space is clear of trees and within 50 ft of a GFCI protected outlet.
  • Do you rent bounce houses on weekdays?
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